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Rene Smith – President Alaska Events
Our exhibitors were captivated by all the concepts and techniques that you presented during your Exhibit Like An Expert seminar. The way you broke down so many powerful techniques and presented them in ways that are not only easy to understand but easy to implement into standard exhibiting practices inspired everyone who attended. After reviewing our seminar critique forms, the response was unanimous; the information you shared about marketing your business before, during and after the show has left our exhibitors with tools they will implement to create more sales, which in turn helps our Home Shows grow and prosper.

Julie Geistlinger and Otis Webb – Fresno Home and Garden Show
As the promoters of one of the largest consumer-based events in California, we became aware very quickly when the economy started to slide. We realized that “business as usual” was a thing of the past-we, like our merchants, were working harder for less. We enlisted Ms. Ratliff to present a tele-seminar and live program at our annual Fresno Home and Garden Show. The results were fantastic…

  • Our merchants were initially impressed because we spent the time and money to improve their skills and thus their businesses.
  • They realized that we were helping them get more for their hard-earned advertising dollars.
  • Those who attended learned new techniques aimed at helping them market their business.

Finally, one merchanttold us she felt “beaten down…not doing well at the shows due to the economy” and that (Ms Ratliff’s) seminar gave me an emotional boost and so I walked away with some new ideas, but more importantly, with a new attitude.” She said that she now felt she was in control of her business, not the other way around.

We were very pleased with our decision to hire Ms. Ratliff, and are grateful to her for the inspiration she’s provided our merchants.

Johnathan Tom, Director of Operations – Maricopa County Home Showa/ Alaska Events
Thank you for the amazing words on our shows. Many of the attendees of our Building Your Business Seminar approached me after your presentation saying how their shows have been more successful after implementing just a few of the many of your marketing techniques that you shared with them. The general consensus is that, if Susan is at our next seminar then they will be there. I thank you immensely for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us and look forward to a long relationship in the future.

Raoul, President and CEO – Caregiver Resource Institute
“Susan, I can say in no uncertain terms that our exhibitors were impressed your practical knowledge of trade show promotions- before, during and after the event! We found your tips on common promotion mistakes during one of your seminars particularly helpful. I would strongly recommend any person regardless of their experience level to get you involved with your company. Your training workshops, consultation services and design services are unmatchable and required for any exhibitor desiring to create an attention getting and more profitable tradeshow program.”

Kathy Borcia – Sabina Events and Media
“As a Tradeshow producer and manager for several years, I’ve seen so many wasted leads go by from my exhibitors that as a promoter is frustrating for me to watch. The Home Based Business Expo in October 2006 at Civic Plaza was the first time I actually saw exhibitors Confident and actually connecting with attendee’s. Even though the attendance was not as expected, the exhibitors had a wonderful time,made Money and connected with the attendee’s that were there. I cannot Thank you enough for having a seminar that informed. My Exhibitors on how to Exhibit. They not only loved you but raved About the Information they walked away with. Everyone I talked to is ready to do another event. I only hope that when I do another Expo, You will be available to help me Educate them again on such an Important part of a Event. You are delightful and you set my exhibitors on fire!”

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