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Susan’s trio of training programs can be experienced as individual seminars or combined together as a half day workshop.  When your audience needs cutting edge exhibiting skills, the latest networking tips or the keys to getting free publicity, these presentations are customized with your audience in mind and guaranteed to improve productivity, enhance skills and provide an advantage over the competition. Each program is rich in content, punctuated with humor and illustrated with personal stories and real world examples guaranteed to educate, entertain and inspire action from everyone in attendance. 

Seminars & Workshops

Exhibit Like An Expert
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Elevate your professionalism at the booth using Susan’s formulas for success. Explore the five essentials an exhibitor must master to sell more, look great and make money at tradeshows, consumer shows or expos. Walk away with step-by-step instructions, creative ideas and valuable techniques that can be immediately implemented to turn your booth into a powerful profit center.

Network Your Way To The Bank
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The art of networking is getting in front of people who have influence. Learning what to say and the right questions to ask will guarantee your mixing and mingling is maximized. Finding fresh prospects, meeting with customers, cultivating new relationships and gaining exposure is the goal. Being unskilled and unprepared to network could cost you the biggest connection of your career. If you’d rather eat worms than enter a room full of strangers and speak to someone you don’t know, then this program is for you. Uncover the simple secrets for turning persuasive conversation into money in the bank.


How To Get Your Name In The News
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Publicity is powerful when you know how to attract, manipulate, magnify and maximize it. You can tell hundreds of people about your product or service and spend thousands of dollars in advertising, but if you get a TV interview or a feature article written about you, it will not only reach more people, but your message will be perceived as more credible. Susan Ratliff will show you how to master effective PR skills by using preparation, planning, polish, pitch, persistence and patience so you can attract the media and get your name in the news.

Keynote Presentation

Susan’s  keynote presentation includes her personal journey into the world of business ownership.  She recalls her roller coaster ride over the corporate highway, past the mommy track down the road to entrepreneurship and the lessons she learned along the way.

How To Succeed When You Don’t Feel Successful
Ten Lessons to Spark Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
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The discouragement we sometimes experience from overwhelming obstacles and the frustration we suffer from unexpected challenges can derail our chance for business success, yet just one spark of encouragement can redirect us onto a positive path. Susan Ratliff has experienced her share of barriers and road-blocks, but ignored the naysayers and pushed past the pessimists to become an award winning entrepreneur, author and professional speaker. Her inspiring story chronicles that unique entrepreneurial journey as she shares her fears when facing failure and some of the lessons she’s learned about beating the odds, achieving your dreams and the will to succeed.


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