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Can you handle the truth about your booth?
Are you ready to make changes to maximize profits?
Eliminate money-wasting design flaws?
Train your booth staff for that competitive edge?

Receive a personalized analysis of your current exhibit to get reinforcement for what is working, uncover the display flaws that are preventing you from achieving maximum impact and get recommendations for improvement that will produce immediate results.

Attend information-packed training webinars to improve your marketing efforts and deliver step-step instructions for turning your booth into a powerful profit center. Join in group discussions to share insight and best practices with your peers.

Exhibitor School is conducted on line and by phone. You will speak one-on-one with Susan Ratliff, The Exhibit Expert . The program is designed to be convenient for any busy schedule and will deliver verifiable results, give your booth staff a renewed enthusiasm for exhibit marketing, keys to a competitive advantage and the knowledge to work the show like a pro. Get your booth up to speed and your staff seeing results fast.


$495 individual course Includes ebook copies of Exhibit Like an Expert


  • Complete and return a short questionnaire about your current show related activities, exhibiting goals and booth/display information. This insight will help to deliver the most relevant, valuable recommendations for success.
  • Send along up to five photos of your existing tradeshow booth including a full display front view, close ups of graphics, demo counters, product displays, decorations and a shot that shows your merchandising methods

SESSION I- Attend a 60 minute Exhibitor Training webinar presented by Susan Ratliff

Exhibit Like an Expert- Five key strategies to turn your booth into a powerful profit center
Your decision to exhibit should be followed by a commitment to get results. It’s time to elevate your image at the booth and tune up your tradeshow marketing skills so you can start getting the return on investment you deserve from every show. By focusing improvement on critical areas like goal setting, sales strategies, display dynamics, promotions and effective follow up, you will boost your boothmanship, build your brand, capture new customers and increase your sales numbers immediately. Both the novice exhibitor and the seasoned veteran will benefit from these practical tips, creative ideas and valuable strategies illustrated by real-world examples, personal experiences and proven methods from the show floor.

You will learn:

  • Eight goals to maximize return on time and investment
  • A five step formula for developing the perfect sales strategy
  • Three improvements to booth design that are critical to your success
  • Five display mistakes that are costing you money
  • Eight powerful promotions to increase traffic to your booth
  • Six follow-up tips that will turn leads into sales

SESSION II – A personalized booth evaluation and consultation with the Exhibit Expert
Attend a 30 minute comprehensive phone consultation with Susan Ratliff to discuss her assessment of your booth photos and questionnaire. She will answer questions and deliver valuable recommendations and instant advice for improvement. A written analysis of your booth’s effectiveness, and company’s marketing impact will be provided prior to the call.

SESSION III- Attend a 60 minute Publicity webinar presented by Susan Ratliff

How to Get Your Name in the News- Using free publicity for promotion and profit

Publicity is powerful when you know how to manage, manipulate, magnify and maximize it. Master the tricks to attracting the media and generate thousands of dollars in free exposure for your business, drive traffic to your booth, promote an event or position yourself as an expert. Learn how to use the six proven principals of publicity to get coverage in magazines, a feature article in the newspaper, an interview on syndicated radio or a spot on national television. Free publicity will increase visibility, build your credibility and generate interest in what you do and what you sell.

In this session you will learn:

  • A dozen ways to lure reporters to your door
  • Which angles most effectively attract media attention
  • How to use preparation, planning, polish, pitch, persistence and patience to get your name in the news
  • The most common interview mistakes to avoid
  • Strategies that will extend your 15 minutes of fame

SESSION IV – Three ADDITIONAL 30 minute phone consultations with Susan Ratliff to maximize the success of your events. Use this time to ask questions, brainstorm promotional strategies, develop a sales script, sharpen your graphic messages or pick a theme for your next show.

SESSION V – One 60 minute group meeting with other EXHIBITOR SCHOOL enrollees to share common challenges, best practices, success stories and questions for your peers.

If you would prefer to meet with Susan in person for this training contact her at:, 602-828-1177

Exhibitor School is the exclusive property of Susan Ratliff Presents Inc. copyright 2013

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