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Attendee Testimonials

Sue Hohmann, Marketing Communications Consultant
I am an experienced marketing professional and I thoroughly enjoyed learning new tools and tips from Susan’ Street Smart Marketing Seminar was informative, fun and I met new friends.

Thomas Potter 
Worth every minute and every cent

Ari Levenbaum, Law Tigers
Extremely useful and informative information that can be applied immediately

Joan Christenson, Glencroft
I just wanted to thank you for leading such a productive session this morning. I truly appreciate when a speaker provides some key “take aways” to help impact your business and you did it extremely well in all three areas of your presentation. Kudos to you on your success in the business world – you have obviously worked very hard to get where you are today and it shows. 

Philip Richardson, Coreslab
The sessions provided great insight into the public image of our company, making the four hour time investment worthwhile

Brittni Wood, Brittni Wood Consulting
The program was very inspirational and I can’t wait to implement the tools given

Megan Fields, Arizona Urology Specialists
Great information an thought provoking. Comprehensive information that’s relevant to any business or profession

Anita Rangaswami, Prana Gyana Holistic Health
The three presentations complimented each other very well. Each presentation was chock full of good ideas and Susan did a great job presenting.

Dale and Sandra DeValk, EntryPoint Doors
Thank you for Your book “How to Exhibit Like an Expert”. We have found it to contain the most practical and useful information we have ever read. Each time we implement another of your ideas our show sales increase and we have more and more fun doing it! This book should be on the Top Ten Reading List for everyone exhibiting their products at a Trade show of any industry. We highly recommend it. You really ARE the Expert!

Kitty Wiemelt, Speaker, Author, Career Coach
Sonia Graham, President, Maximum Business Advantage, LLC
Thank you for taking the time and energy to prepare a special presentation for us at NSA. I was fascinated by the wealth of information you gave to us. I like the way in which you gave it out – you were enthusiastic, had obviously experienced it, were willing to share it and all in such a way that we could digest it. There were practical ways in which we could use it immediately and alternatives if we had a budget to support it. Thank you for a really beneficial presentation.

Alan Langston, AZREIA
Thank you again for the session today at AZREIA. You did an excellent job and delivered a tremendous amount of information in an hour. I believe that everyone in attendance, regardless of skill level, benefited from your presentation. I can only hope they will take your ideas and turn them into actions that will make their participation in our expo more beneficial. Naturally, I want them to be successful so they return every year.

Patti Selleck, LMT, The Healthy Cup
Thank you for the amazing words on our shows. Many of the attendees of our Building Your Business Seminar approached me after your presentation saying how their shows have been more successful after implementing just a few of the many of your marketing techniques that you shared with them. The general consensus is that, if Susan is at our next seminar then they will be there. I thank you immensely for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us and look forward to a long relationship in the future. Thanks for your great ideas.Julie MystromDirector of Marketing, Apothecary Shops

“Thank you Susan for helping to change our company’s tradeshow beliefs. After you spoke to our sales & marketing group, we took many of your suggestions, including how a booth is suppose to be designed, and incorporated them. We have seen a huge response from attendees at tradeshows with your ideas. My boss continues to pass your “words of wisdom” to others when talking about tradeshows. You have been a pleasure to work with over the years, and always come through when we need the help.”

Neil Zielinski, Director of Sales & Marketing, Absolute Re-Bath
You are such a joy to speak with and the added bonus of you having a wealth of knowledge and experience that all of the Re-Bath dealers should learn from. Thank you!  I will send you photos of our booth in action as well as the duck. I have to admit that even a trade show warrior like I have found things in your book I didn’t know or forgot about. It was a wise decision on Re-Bath corporate to invite you to attend this years Summit. I do hope we get to see you again at future Summit’s.  Thank you for your help in locating the silver knobs and saving our day. Wishing you continued success!

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