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susanbook2Now you can offer effective and affordable exhibitor training programs. Give your exhibitors the tools they need to succeed and the knowledge to turn their booth into a powerful profit center. You already drive thousands of attendees to your shows, provide exciting activities in outstanding venues and market to the max. Now it’s time to really stand out from the competition and give your exhibitors an accelerated path to profitability. Invite Susan Ratliff, The Exhibit Expert, to deliver an information-packed exhibitor training program your exhibitor’s will thank you for. Let Susan provide them with practical tips, creative techniques and proven strategies to increase sales, generate better leads, improve staff performance and maximize profits on the show floor and the benefits will be yours, as well.

Your exhibitors will be thrilled with your desire to make them successful. An effective training seminar will foster their loyalty, add value to your booth package, reduce turn-over, improve professionalism on the show floor and give your event a competitive edge. Providing education about networking, effective promotions and marketing strategies will generate free publicity, drive traffic to the show and improve sponsorship sales. When you give exhibitors relevant tools and training to maximize returns on their investment you will be remembered as the show producer that does more than just sell booth space. In addition, studies show that meeting an exhibit marketing expert in person, getting questions answered on the spot, seeing real-world examples in action and learning it all from someone other than you or your staff will produce the best results.

Susan will work with your team to plan and market an exciting, informative, educational program for both novice and veteran exhibitors. All Programs include:

  • One 60-90 minute exhibitor training seminar delivered in-person by Susan Ratliff.
  • An entertaining power point presentation with relevant industry examples.
  • Learning materials and worksheets to distribute to attendees branded to your business.
  • A customized email and promotional materials to promote the seminar and your event.


Susan Ratliff is not your typical exhibit industry speaker. In the tradeshow trenches for 20 years, she’s worked both sides of the exhibit aisle, gathered the knowledge, discovered the shortcuts and made the mistakes so you don’t have to. She knows what attendees want, how exhibitors think and what they both need to be successful. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker; event producer and was the owner of a successful display products company for 16 years. Known in the industry as The Exhibit Expert, Susan has unique insight into how to generate leads and profits from a booth. Whether it’s a consumer show, B2B tradeshow or fair, Susan’s creative ideas will educate and motivate every novice and veteran exhibitor from the small start-up business to the fortune 500 companies. Her formulas for success can be immediately implemented and are illustrated by examples from her experience in the field and on the show floor. Hire Susan today to deliver an entertaining, interactive presentation guaranteed to showcase your event, wow your exhibitors and educate your staff


The Center for exhibition industry research recently found that 75% of booth staffers respond more favorably to professional trainers from outside of their companies. Also, 68% of exhibit managers believe a properly trained booth staff converts a higher percentage of booth visitors into qualified leads. In spite of the potential benefits of pre-show training, 73% of companies have no plans to invest in training.
Now I can be that plan for your exhibitors or attendees.
elect sessions and pricing that fits your needs.

One Seminar: $2000 -Two: $2800 – Street Smart Marketing Trio: $3500 – Keynote: $3500
Any program delivered as a Webinar: $1000
(Plus airfare, hotel accommodations and ground transportation)
Don’t let price stop you. Let’s work out a plan that fits your needs and your show budget.
Call me to discuss all options: Susan Ratliff- 602-828-1177,


Exhibit Like an Expert- 5 Key Strategies to turn your booth into a powerful profit center
Your decision to exhibit should be followed by a commitment to get results. It’s time to elevate your image at the booth and tune up your tradeshow marketing skills so you can start getting the return on investment you deserve from every show. Explore the five key strategies an exhibitor must master to sell more, look great and make money at tradeshows, consumer shows and events.

By focusing improvement on critical areas like goal setting, sales strategies, display dynamics, promotions and effective follow up, you will boost your boothmanship, build your brand, rev up your revenue and capture new customers immediately. Walk away with step-by-step instructions, creative ideas and valuable techniques that can be immediately implemented to turn any booth into a powerful profit center. Both the novice exhibitor and the seasoned veteran will benefit from these practical tips, creative ideas and valuable strategies illustrated by real-world examples, Susan’s personal experiences and proven methods from the show floor.

In this session you will learn:

  • Eight goals to maximize return on time and investment
  • Five display mistakes that are costing you money
  • Eight powerful promotions to increase traffic to your booth
  • A five step formula for developing the perfect sales strategy
  • Six follow-up tips that will turn leads into sales


Secrets & Strategies to Manipulate, Magnify and Maximize Free Publicity
Publicity is powerful, valuable and free. Master the tricks to attracting the media and you could generate thousands of dollars in no-cost exposure for your business. Anyone can learn how to work with the media to promote an event, increase credibility, sell products, build a business brand or drive traffic to a tradeshow booth.

Susan Ratliff will teach attendees how to get their name in the news and use it for profit and promotion. by implementing the six proven principals for attracting publicity. Using proven strategies and personal examples from her years of experience as a media magnet she will share instructions for obtaining positive, high visibility publicity and help attendees create their own PR strategy for getting their name in the news.

In this session you will learn:

  • How preparation, planning, polish, pitch, persistence and patience can generate exposure.
  • Eleven ways to lure reporters to your door
  • Newsworthy angles that attract media attention
  • The fundamentals of a good media release
  • Common interview mistakes to avoid
  • Strategies to extend your 15 minutes of fame


Network Your Way to the Bank – Convert mixing and mingling into money
The art of networking is getting in front of people who have influence. Learning what to say and the right questions to ask will guarantee your mixing and mingling is maximized. Finding fresh prospects, meeting with customers, cultivating new relationships and gaining exposure is the goal. Being unskilled and unprepared to network could cost you the biggest connection of your career. Uncover the simple secrets for turning persuasive conversation into money in the bank.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why networking is a powerful marketing tool
  • How to influence perception
  • Where to find opportunities to connect
  • How to expand your net
  • Secrets to a memorable 30 second commercial
  • Techniques to set you apart in a crowd
  • Ways to expand your sphere of influence


Street Smart Marketing Trio of Training
Combine all three content rich seminars on exhibit marketing, attracting free publicity and networking into one dynamic four- hour educational event. Award-winning entrepreneur and respected speaker, Susan Ratliff share her 30 years of street smart marketing experience, personal success stories and proven methods on how to master the three most effective yet economical methods of marketing that will help you attract more new customers, sell your products or services, build your company brand, elevate your personal credibility and increase sales for your business.

Susan is an exhibit expert, media magnate and networking guru who has strategically combined together her most popular trio of training sessions to bring you an information-packed educational event. She will teach exactly how to maximize your marketing efforts and execute the three most cost ways to promote yourself and your company as described in each seminar above.


How to Succeed When You Don’t Feel Successful- Keynote
When the discouragement we experience from overwhelming obstacles or the frustration we suffer from unexpected challenges threatens to derail our chance for success, one spark of encouragement can redirect us onto a positive path. Susan Ratliff has encountered her share of barriers and road-blocks, but ignored the naysayers and pushed past the pessimists to become an award-winning entrepreneur, event producer, published author and respected speaker. Her optimism is contagious and her personal story is inspiring as she chronicles her unique entrepreneurial journey sharing solutions to her failures and the lessons she’s learned about overcoming fears, achieving your dreams and the will to succeed.

How the audience benefits:

Through personal examples and intimate stories, the audience will relive some of the emotional challenges and shocking battles Susan has faced in business and in life. Every difficult dilemma and subsequent outcome will reinforce a theme of strength and optimism that will resonate with everyone present. Attendees will relate to Susan’s insightful strategies and positive attitude and will leave with valuable lessons guaranteed to spark their entrepreneurial spirit including:

  • How to turn obstacles into ammunition for change.
  • When to cut your losses and never look back.
  • Why enthusiasm expands experience.
  • The power of a positive attitude

Call me to discuss all options: Susan Ratliff- 602-828-1177

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