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Dear Show Producer,

As a successful show manager/producer/organizer you know the value of exhibitor training programs, but budgets are tight and getting exhibitors to participate can be frustrating.   Let me make training your exhibitors easy, affordable and hassle free. My program will get them excited about exhibiting and teach them how to turn an exhibit booth into a powerful profit center.

In return, you receive an increase in sponsorship sales, more free publicity and higher traffic flow to your show.  In addition, you will save some of the estimated $160 per exhibitor you spend in promotion and advertising filling your show floor. When exhibitors feel appreciated they complain less, become loyal referral partners and take more responsibility for their own success.  When I help your exhibitors set goals, improve lead generation, sell better, understand display design strategies and create effective methods for following up leads, their profits and productivity at your show will soar. More importantly for you, it will increase exhibitor satisfaction, add value to your booth package, reduce turn-over and bring more professionalism to your show floor. Happy exhibitors make your life easier and your show more profitable.

The Center for exhibition industry research recently found that 75% of booth staffers respond more favorably to professional trainers from outside of their companies. Also, 68% of exhibit managers believe a properly trained booth staff converts a higher percentage of booth visitors into qualified leads. In spite of the potential benefits of pre-show training, 73% of companies have no plans to invest in training. Now I can be that plan for your exhibitors so we all benefit.

Please look at the lucrative training options and my personal biography and credentials. Let me know what fits best for your needs or contact me to customize specific program for your show. 

Best Regards,
Susan Ratliff – – 602-828-1177

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