What’s new in the exhibit industry?

Written by Susan Ratliff on March 24, 2008. Posted in Uncategorized

I had a great time at this year’s Exhibitor show in Las Vegas. This is the premier tradeshow for the tradeshow and consumer show industry.  Manufacturers of exhibit properties, from all over the world, present their wares to end users, distributors and interested parties.  It offers an entertaining presentation of what’s new and exciting to help you market your business and present your products and services.  Everyone is jumping on the “Goin’ Green” bandwagon.  There are some pretty creative marketing strategies being used to capitalize on the green buzz.  Some of the innovative new products available for your exhibit booth are carpeting made from recycled tires, counter tops created from crushed plastic milk bottles, fabric replacing hardwalls and lots reduced energy lighting options.   

In theory, manufacturing exhibits from sustainable materials is a great idea, but the reality is that many companies are not quite ready to pay the higher costs required for environmentally safe exhibit products.  I am sure acceptance will increase as manufacturers discover more cost effective engineering materials and systems. 

It is pretty exciting to see America heartily grasping the benefits of helping the environment.  There are so many small things each of us can do that will make a difference to the health of the planet.  Now, I am not a tree-hugger by any means, but it seems that we can all make small contributions to this cause, for the good of us all.  We all have to remember that it is not just the materials something is made from, but the energy exerted to manufacture, transport and discard products too.  By using fabric graphics in your booth you save the energy it would take to construct laminate or wood walls. You save gas that would be burned transporting the heavier exhibit to a show.  Where we waste, as well as where we can conserve,  encompases a very wide area.

What have you seen out there that is energy efficient for exhibitors?  How are you doing your part to conserve?  Let me hear your views or questions.

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