What’s bugging you about your booth?

Written by Susan Ratliff on April 22, 2008. Posted in Uncategorized

Here’s your chance to tell me exactly what’s driving you crazy about exhibitng and ask me your most pressing questions about booth design, selling or marketing at the show.  I know that there is very little exhibitor training going on in most companies. Many associations that exhibit have no clue what to do with their booth to maximize their investment or their time.  Are you unsure about where to put your table?  Confused about why your service bill is so high.  Maybe you can’t figure out just how many brochures or freebees you should bring to the show.  Do you know how many people should be in a 20′ inline booth?   I want to help.  Ask me anything. If I don’t have an answer I know I can connect you with someone who does.  The ball is in your court. Talk to me.


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