The difference is in the details when it comes to display design

Written by Susan Ratliff on January 18, 2013. Posted in Uncategorized

I recently returned from the ASI Show which is the convention and tradeshow for the Advertising Specialties Institute where I presented seminars to the suppliers on exhibit marketing and attracting and using free publicity.  After the sessions I visited a few of the exhibitors on the show floor who signed up for my one-on-one personal booth evaluations.  Several suppliers were first time exhibitors, but most were  tradeshow veterans. Regardless of their experience I was able to offer a few recommendations for improvement to each of them.  One mistake they all had in common was leaving unsightly product boxes and supply bags out where attendees could see them.  When there are cardboard boxes spilling over with stuff right in front of your beautiful display it causes an immediate disconnect and detracts from your professional image. Quality of signage was another issue.  I know vinyl banners are quick and cheap, but an eight foot vinyl company sign hanging on the back curtain from metal grommets gives the impression that the business does not cares about its image or designed their booth at the last minute. If was refreshing to see that each booth needed only a few design adjustments to make it really great. Moving a counter to the corner to make it easier to enter the booth.  Aligning product shelves so they don’t block the messages on your graphics. Elevating brochures in an acrylic holder instead of fanning them out on a table.  Placing products or give-aways in unique containers to add interest and attract attention.  The next time you set up your booth at a show, step back when you are done and take a critical look at your environment through the eyes of your customer.  Is there anything you could do better?  Is there a way to make your company look more professional? Is there something you can do to better facilitate the customer experience or improve the merchandising of your products and services?  The results from that extra evaluation could make the difference between whether an attendee stops at your booth or passes you by. 

Got a question about tradeshow marketing? Ask the Exhibit Expert, Susan Ratliff.

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