Success Strategies for Tradeshows 2012

Written by Susan Ratliff on December 24, 2011. Posted in Uncategorized

Make this tradeshow season great. Just a few simple steps and a little attention to detail can make the difference between success and failure at a tradeshow. 

Here are ten top tips to consider. 

Plan ahead: Prepare for every event well in advance. Order show services and schedule shipping early. Evaluate display properties for damage.  Order graphics ahead of time. Attention to details will eliminate headaches and save you time and money 

Set Objectives: Know what you want to accomplish at the show. Create a list of goals with the staff.  Make expectations clear.  Reward exceptional productivity.

Incorporate social media: Expand your reach to the attendee list, important prospects and the public at large.  Create some buzz before the show and let everyone know you will be there. Consider encouraging interaction with a game or contest with your followers.

 Design A Dynamic Display: Image is everything on the show floor. You have only seconds to attract attention.  Increase visibility by coordinating every display element around a clever theme. Keep the focus on customer needs.

Go for the “Wow” factor: Create a marketing message with impact. Incorporate large,eye-catching pictures and vibrant colors. Keep wording succinct. Sell benefits. 

Project a positive image:First impressions are critical. Every display element must reflect your company professionalism, personality, integrity and style. 

Train you staff: 80% of attendees base their opinion of your company on the actions of the employees at your booth. Prepare your people. 

 Develop a sales strategy:  Tracking results from random presentations from different sales people is difficult. Script a presentation that engages the prospect, qualifies their interest, explains how you will help them and why you are the best choice. Brainstorm with the staff, write your strategy down, memorize and use it consistently. 

Follow up effectively: Contact all leads within one week. Phone, fax, email or mail information that solicits a sale, appointment or interview. Include a deadline or call to action.

 Exude Enthusiasm: Nothing makes a more memorable impression than happy, smiling employees eager to assist inquisitive prospects. 

Factor in some fun: Loosen up. Don’t be too conservative. Show attendees want to be entertained as well as informed. Successful exhibitors combine the two.

 For more information on how to turn your booth into a powerful profit center contact Susan Ratliff, The Exhibit Expert  602-828-1177


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