Rounding out the top 10 resolutions for your booth

Written by Susan Ratliff on January 15, 2011. Posted in Uncategorized

Here are two more New Years Resolutions for your 2011 exhibit marketing program.  Let me know if you have any others to add. 

9.  All chairs will be removed from my booth from this day forward.

Nothing makes me rush past an exhibit faster than seeing someone sitting behind a table looking restless and bored except two people sitting behind a table talking to each other. Your representatives should be standing up and attentive to all those passing by. If a break is needed, leave the booth.

10.  At no time will I resort to purchasing cheap graphics or display materials to represent my company.

Image is everything on the show floor. You have only one chance at your booth to show attendees you respect your company brand, believe you have value to offer, and will be around a long time to service and support them.  Hand-written signs, graphics printed from your computer, cardboard displays from the office supply store, cheap plastic exhibits from the school supplies catalogs, used products from unknown manufactures on the internet, do not convey an image of success or longevity.  Purchase your display  materials and graphics from a reputable exhibit company that sells commercial-grade display products and provides professional guidance and graphic design services so your company can shine at the show and project an image you can be proud of.

Susan Ratliff is The Exhibit Expert.  Nationally recognized as an authority on tradeshows and event marketing, Susan is an author, professional speaker, event producer and founder of the award-winning portable display company, Exhibit Experts Inc. Contact Susan for exhibiting products and services or to speak to your group:    602-437-3634   Copyright 2011 Susan Ratliff Presents Inc.

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