Is Exhibiting in a show worth it?

Written by Susan Ratliff on November 17, 2007. Posted in Uncategorized

The Center for Exhibition industry research compiles some pretty impressive statistics that convince me that exhibiting in trade and consumer shows is one of the most cost effective ways to market your business.  After reading their findings below I am sure you’ll agree.

And if you don’t agree, let me know why.  Maybe I can analyze why your experience did not produce results.




There are 10,000 tradeshows and 3000 consumer shows a year

Attended by 100 million people who spend 120 billion dollars


Who attends tradeshows?


36% are first time attendees

78% have buying influence

38% are the final decision makers

81% are looking for new products and services

79% have not been contacted by your company in the last 12 months


What do they do at the show?

76% arrive with an agenda

83% buy something

43% Will buy something within 12 months

77% Will select a new supplier or vendo

94% will compare competing products

66%  come to network

87% will share what they learned with 4-6 other people


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