Welcome to the First Post at Bling my Booth

Written by Susan Ratliff on November 7, 2007. Posted in Uncategorized

If you are ready to get down and dirty with what’s going to make you money when you exhibit, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are in a business expo, a craft fair, a recruiting show or consumer selling, event image is everything.  Unfortunately it won’t matter much if you don’t execute. 

It amazes me how much money companies waste throughout the entire exhibit planning process and how much opportunity is lost at the booth when the staff is not prepared or held accountable for their productivity.  How about a little planning ahead people. 

Thousands of dollars can be saved by reading the exhibitor kit the moment you get it.  Attention to details is the key to savings.  Don’t wait until the last minute to inventory your existing display for problems.  Order your graphics early.  Ship advance to the warehouse to avoid hassles with I&D. 

I’m going to keep it short and encourage your questions and comments about what bugs you about the tradeshow business.  I will elaborate more on how to stand out from the crowd and keep expenses down.  In the mean time take a look at the attached flyer offering 20 Tips to Trick Out Your Tradeshow Booth or Customize Your Consumer Show Exhibit.

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