Buy USA or a Cheap import?

Written by Susan Ratliff on July 30, 2008. Posted in inexpensive alternatives

When buying everything on the internet became commonplace, there was panic throughout the exhibit industry.  Display distributors were concerned that businesses would no longer visit their beautiful showrooms and engage in sales dialog with their staff when they could research thousands of product options on the world wide web.   Exhibit manufacturers truly feared that easy access to inexpensive products from Asia would doom their thriving marketplace.  The reality is it never happened.  I have been selling displays, graphics and exhibiting accessories for fourteen years and I only occasionally lose a sale to an import.  Sometimes it takes a little salesmanship to show the client the pros and cons, but there is still value in service and “made in the USA”. When I attend the Exhibit Show in Las Vegas, which is the largest tradeshow for the tradeshow industy, I get to view and inspect all the exhibit properties manufactured in the US and abroad.  The foreigners seem to try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.  They produce very similar displays, but from what I have observed, the structures are thinner, weaker, and seem to have inferior parts.  Why would I want to sell their stuff when my reputation was built on representing quality solutions from one of the top portable manufacturers in the county?  Featherlite Exhibits, in Minneapolis, has been crafting exceptional, innovative exhibits for about 50 years. The other issue is repairs, warrantys and quick service.  You cannot get that when your broken unit needs to go back to China.  There are interesting perspectives on this issue and I have been quoted on my views in a great article found in newsletter published by Radius Display products,  Connect to the article below and decide for yourself.


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