Ten ways to tell if your exhibitors need training

Written by Susan Ratliff on April 22, 2009. Posted in exhibitor training

Are you a show producer or meeting professional in charge of organizing a tradeshow as part of your convention or sales meeting?  You might be frustrated by some of the common errors exhibitor make on the show floor.  In addition their mistakes can have a detrimental effect on the image of your event.  Below are a few red flags that indicate your tradeshow exhibitors need training.  Some solutions follow



·        The staff sits down in the booth during the show.


·        More that three people are working at the same time in a 10’ x 10’ booth.


·        No one is qualifying prospects or capturing contact information.


·        Each sales person is using a different sales pitch.


·        The display is poorly designed and unprofessional looking.


·        It takes more than three seconds to figure out who the exhibiting company is and what they do.


·        Display signage and graphics are too wordy, too small or too cheap.


·        The booth appears cluttered, crowded or poorly merchandized.


·        There are no lights illuminating the exhibit, products or graphics.


·        Exhiibitors complain to management about their results.





·        Use in-house staff to train your exhibitors on exhibit marketing techniques.


·        Hire a trainer to take the burden off your staff and add value to your event.  A third party trainer gives your program more credibility.  Hearing instructions from an outside source gives the lessons more validity.


·        Give exhibitors an actual book or list of books that will teach them how to exhibit better.


·        Provide training tools and tip sheets on your website or in email communications.


·        Hire a speaker to present a tele-seminar before the event.


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