Exhibitor training works

Written by Susan Ratliff on January 25, 2013. Posted in exhibitor training

I have so much fun traveling to different cities teaching tradeshow and consumer show exhibitors how to turn a booth into a powerful profit center.  I especially enjoy talking with home show exhibitors and recently gave seminars in Orlando and Jacksonville Florida for Marketplace Events.  Their event management team impressed me with their show statistics and their sincere desire to give their exhibitors all the tools they need to succeed. Smart show producers understand that increasing the profits and elevating the professionalism of their exhibitors not only benefits the exhibiting company, but also improves the attendee experience.  When they asked exhibitors in Orlando  why they signed up to be in their show, 88% said there number one reason to exhibit was so they could collect leads.  Ironically  only a small percentage of  those exhibitors actually collected leads.  Nationally, according to CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Reseach), 74% of exhibitors collect leads, but only 85% of those leads are ever followed up. Some training would help eliminate that mistake.  I find it interesting  that when I ask my seminar attendees if they have ever had any formal tradeshow training from an exhibit marketing expert rarely do I find anyone who has. Show producers, I’m available.  So are 7-10 other fantastic speakers who can give your exhibitors strategies to work the show like a pro.  Remember that happy exhibitors = successful shows.


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