Give back and get back more

Written by Susan Ratliff on December 12th, 2009. Posted in Uncategorized

I attended a delightful gathering of Positively Powerful people organized by Joel Martin from and her husband Bob recently.  Joel has created a wonderful celebration of talented people in the valley through her Positively Powerful events.  At this breakfast meeting we shared the joy of giving and learned how to turn contacts into contracts.  I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few people I did not know and was pleasantly surprised to connect with some business opportunities I was not expecting.  Joel is classy, warm and an outstanding speaker and business professional.  If you have not had the chance to meet her please connect with her at and tell her I said to call.

Although budgets are tight and bank accounts are thin you can always find a way to give back this holiday season if only by connecting with friends and family.  I am looking forward to helping a well deserved local charity in February when we donate the proceeds from our raffle, at the 2010 Women Entrepreneurs’ Small Business Boot Camp.  Check out the details at

Exhibiting Service fees are sky high, why?

Written by Susan Ratliff on November 16th, 2009. Posted in Uncategorized

How can the exhibitor who is already dealing with a crappy economy deal with the every increasing charges placed on us by the show decorator and convention services companies?  There is a lot of controversy on this topic as fees continue to climb and accountability is hard to get.  Serenity J. Knutson, Editor in Chief of PlannerWire has a series of articles addressing these issue and providing a variety of opinions from those of us in the mddle of it.  See the entire article and my two cents worth at

Bugs are Big Business

Written by Susan Ratliff on October 12th, 2009. Posted in Uncategorized

The first business conference and expo organized by the Arizona Pest Prevention Organization ( was a great success. I had the privilege of presenting two seminars to the attendees recently at the Mesa Convention center where nearly 400 professionals in the pest management industry came together for education and support.  The bug business is big business. I was particularly amazed at how much science and technology goes into creating the products that keep the ants away from our picnic lunches and our kitchens free of roaches.  There was a clear emphasis in both the seminars and in the expo on safety and environmental protection.  Discussions about becoming “Green” were abundant and several new techniques and products were introduced on the show floor.  I was facinated by the reseach that was shared on such issues as the life span of bees, termites and rats and how many seconds it takes to kill a roach.  I was also impressed at how knowledgable and friendly the vendors were.  Everyone I talked to seemed to enjoy the two day event.  Congratulations to Helen and Nate and all the people who put together the 2009 Saguaro Continuing Education Conference and Expo.

Your health is everything!

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Who would have thought that a stomach ache on Monday night would turn into accute appendicitis that would land me in the hospital on Tuesday night.  It took me 16 hours of enduring what I thought was a touch of food poisoning and one missed day of work to finally give in to the pain and see a doctor. Actually my husband had to talk me into it.  They don’t mess around with problems with your appendix.  I saw the doctor at 3 pm, was sent to the emergency room at 4:40 for a CT Scan and went into surgery at 7pm.  Never even stopped back home.  Good thing I had on my nice underwear.  I told that to my Mom who always warned me this might happen and she had a good laugh.  Stayed overnight in the hospital and was home by 2 pm the next afternoon.  You just never know.  All is well. Nice to have great staff on hand to cover for me at the office. Thanks Karol Ward and Sue Marshall for being there and doing such a great job.  I know all you business owners out there can really relate. Good health to all. 


Exhibit Like an Expert

Written by Susan Ratliff on July 30th, 2009. Posted in Uncategorized

If you happen to be coming to Phoenix next week you can catch my “Exhibit Like An Expert” seminar at the August 5th meeting of BOMA (Building Owners & Managers Association) and at the Maricopa Home and Garden Show on August 8th.  I will be teaching the attendees the five key elements they must master that will turn their exhibit booths into a powerful profit center.  I love teaching that seminar because it includes practical, relevant tools and strategies that can be immediately implimented at the show.  The five elements of importance that we review in detail are:  Goal setting, Display Design, promotion, sales strategies and effective follow-up.  I get really excited when the seminar attendees go back to their booths and rearrange their products, change the location of their table or adjust their props in response to my instructions and tips.   Helping exhibitors look great, sell more and make money at tradeshows, consumer shows and events is my goal.  For some of my free tip sheets or to hear more about our line of display products to make you stand out from the competition check out our redesigned website at . If  your organization or conference needs a speaker on the subjects of exhibit marketing, networking, publicity or entrepreneurship give me a call to chat.  602-437-3634.  I hope to see you at a tradeshow soon.